[HOTEL REVIEW] Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport (Richmond, British Columbia)

I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport in Richmond, British Columbia. I actually stayed there two nights on two separate nights.

In one stay, I had a car rental, the second day I took advantage of the shuttle service. First of all, on the first stay, when I arrived at the hotel, there was a warm greeting. The immediately identified me as a Gold member and I was offered a free parking space. The parking space is worth either $5 or $8 a day, depending on the type of parking. So that was a welcoming perk. I like anything that is free. The room was a standard room with a Queen sized bed. In the morning, they have the usual Holiday Inn Express continental breakfast. Very standard from all the other Holiday Inn Expresses that I have stayed at.

I must say, I really enjoy the consistency and reliability regardless of which Holiday Express I stay at throughout North America. There are times when it’s nice to know what to expect. During my second stay, I took advantage of the free shuttle between the airport and the hotel. I dropped my car rental at the airport the night before my flight. I didn’t feel like paying an extra day of car rental, plus we had an early morning flight, so I didn’t want to deal with the car rental the morning of.

The shuttle worked out well because it is very timely and it leaves the hotel every 30 minutes. Overall, if you want to stay at a hotel near the airport, I think this a great place to stay. It’s far enough from the airport that you won’t hear the airplanes and the free shuttle bus is a great perk that the hotel offers. Another reason why I chose this hotel to stay at is because it’s a relatively fair price in Vancouver because the hotels in Vancouver can get pricey.

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