How to Manage all your different Loyalty Accounts? (updated December 7, 2013)

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With all the different types of loyalty programs out there, it can be difficult to track all your points at the same time. Lucky, there are free third party websites (a.k.a. mileage manager) that help us consolidate and track our balances into one place. In short, you log into one account and all your programs show up on one screen.

The most commonly used ones are AwardWallet, Using Miles and Tripit.


AwardWallet covers over 600 different loyalty programs and this is the one I used the most often because I find that it covers a good amount of Canadian programs. Aside from its fairly complete list of major international airlines, hotels and car rental chains, it tracks some of the other major Canadian loyalty points programs such as:

Award Wallet has been around since 2004 and takes security very seriously, which is important to me because we are giving them access to all of our accounts. A few useful features include options:

  • To automatically add your flight itineraries and receive emails with changes and reminders to check-in.
  • To automatically receive emails whenever your points are about to expire, which can be very useful to people who have trouble keeping track of their points.
  • To add the accounts of other people to help track their balances too. For example, you can add the accounts of your spouse, children, parents, to help them monitor their accounts too.

Lastly, once you provide your information to Award Wallet, you can actually click on the individual programs and they will automatically log you into that specific account. I find this very useful so that I do not always have to remember all my passwords. Therefore, because of this feature, remember to provide a very strong password to log into your Award Wallet account.

Using Miles

I signed up for Using Miles because there was a limited time promotion to get lifetime Premier Membership for free, so that made it an easy decision for me to sign up. It only tracks 248 programs. So far, my experience with the program has been a lot of glitches and not enough available programs that are included. Using Miles is still considered fairly young compared to other available programs, so I am banking on its future potential.


I have not signed up for Tripit, it seems more geared towards very frequent travelers, which could make sense for some people.

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