Paying for Things with Surveys

Whenever I have time to kill, I like to find ways to make money. One of my favourite ways to make money online is to do surveys. I previously wrote about various survey programs that are useful to help earn points that will help you increase the balance on your loyalty programs.

Today, I will focus on surveys that help me earn gift cards. The three programs that I use to help me earn Amazon gift cards are: Ipsos I-SayOpinion Outpost and Swagbucks. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards to help me pay for things that I would have pay for anyway.

For sure they are all time consuming, so it really depends on whether you want to invest your time doing the surveys. What I like about the surveys is that I can do it on my own time. I get the email, I do it if I feel like making a few extra dollars, if I don’t feel like it, then I let the survey go and wait for another day or time to do it.

If you are motivated to earn extra money on the side, surveys are a great way to do so. Keep in mind that the hourly rate is quite low. I conservatively calculate around $6 an hour, which is lower than minimum wage. You will not get rich from doing surveys, but it can be useful extra pocket money.

For those who are in it for the long haul, it does take time to really master the art of taking surveys. As you do them more often, you will be able to do them much quicker. It takes time to get good at it. I’m at a point where it does not even feel like effort to do a survey. All I see is dollar signs so I am more than happy to keep on going. I also notice a decrease on my credit card bills as well because the gift cards help me pay for items that I was planning on buying anyway, so this gives me extra motivation.

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