[REVIEW] Survey Program Pinecone Research

As you probably already know, I am a fan of survey programs to earn some side rewards. My survey hobby started back in 2011, when I wanted to keep certain reward accounts active. Certain programs offer members the ability to survey currency, which can later be converted to airline frequent flyer or hotel loyalty programs. Such an activity helps keep those accounts active. 

Top Cash Surveys in Canada

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One of the easiest ways to earn rewards in Canada is by joining an online survey community. These are websites that pay members (usually in points redeemable for gift cards or PayPal) for simply completing surveys on topical subjects relating to Canada. Requested feedback can range from sharing opinions on politics, social issues, product feedback, world views and more. The longer or harder a survey is to qualify for, the more you will earn for your time. Your responses are never personally identifiable back to you.

E-Rewards Sign Up Bonuses

I was asked by a reader to update my last e-Rewards Sign Up Bonuses post. It was long overdue for an update, so here it is!

Keep in mind that e-Rewards is not currently open to the public to sign up, it is currently by invitation only. You will have to provide your email to a partner program who may send you an invitation to join e-Rewards. The partners essentially include the programs that you can transfer your e-Rewards dollars (that you earn) to.

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Top Ways to Earn Miles and Points Without Travelling and Credit Card Spending

How often have you heard someone say, I do not collect miles or points because “I do not travel enough” or “I do not spend enough on my credit card”.

There are many different ways to earn miles and points without travelling much and being a big spender. Today, I will list these alternative top 5 ways to earn miles or points.

Top Canadian Miles and Points Survey Program – AskingCanadians

As you already know, I am a huge fan of survey programs, so this is a topic that I always love talking about. One of the programs that I use extensively is AskingCanadians. An argument can be made that this is the best survey program for earning miles and points from a Canadian perspective. The main reason is because they have a fair number of choices to bank your rewards.