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Top Ways to Earn Miles and Points Without Travelling and Credit Card Spending

How often have you heard someone say, I do not collect miles or points because “I do not travel enough” or “I do not spend enough on my credit card”.

There are many different ways to earn miles and points without travelling much and being a big spender. Today, I will list these alternative top 5 ways to earn miles or points.

Present Your Loyalty Card at a Retailer

First of all, signing up for a loyalty card is generally free. If it’s not free, then you don’t have to sign up for it. Once you have the card, you can present it at all of its partners to earn miles and points with that card.

The trick is to watch for bonus opportunities to accelerate your account accumulation.


Doing surveys to earn miles and points has been covered extensively in the blog, as it is one of my favourite ways to earn. If you get the hang of it, you will learn that it requires minimal effort. People do feel that it is time consuming, but I have always done it while waiting for something or someone. We spend a good part of our day just waiting, so this is my way of keeping me busy during those times.

Sign Up Bonus Offers

You will find things like email subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or whatever other sign up bonus offers floating around. Unless it is a free sign up, I would watch for these offers if you were going to sign up for something anyway and needed to pay for it.

Shopping Portals

One of the reasons why online shopping is taking over physical store shopping is these shopping portals. You can buy the exact same item for the exact same price (or lower) online, but you can earn miles and points that you wouldn’t have been able to in the in-person store. If you stack bonus points offers as well, you will see your account balances rack up very quickly.

Manufactured Spending

This is a more secretive topic. You will want to attend PointsU or become immersed in the community to learn about these opportunities. There has always been a fine line between sharing too many secrets and having them shut down and sharing the secret for everyone’s benefit. I won’t get into that discussion now, but I did write a post on how manufactured spending works.

Note that you will need a credit card for this method of earning miles and points.


So there you have it. The list of top 5 ways to earn miles and points without travelling and being a big spender.

Did I miss anything? Please share in the comment section below.


  1. Shopping portals can be a very good way to earn miles. The Aeroplan store regularly has promotions with some (or all) retailers. I picked up my MacBook Pro during a 5X promo. I also received another 1X purchase price for Aeroplan distinction plus the points earned for the credit card spend. Totalled just under 20,000 points in a single transaction.

    I cringe when I’m in an Apple store and see people making such large purchases in-store – sometimes with debit cards!

  2. Bonus offers are good too. In March of this year CIBC had a promo for 9x aeroplan status miles to be awarded for any online transactions. Plus the regular aeroplan miles making it effectively 10x points. I paid for a family cruise and was able to collect 70k status miles (giving me diamond status for the first time).

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