[INTERVIEW] Jean-Maximilien Voisine, President and Founder of Milesopedia

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Today, we continue celebrating the lead up to our 10 year anniversary later this year by interviewing another special guest, Jean-Maximilien Voisine, President and Founder of Milesopedia. A few days ago, we featured the OG in the Canadian miles and points world. Now we are featuring the OG French Canadian blogger. Since then, Milesopedia has grown to so much more, as well as offering content in French and in English. Their growth has been such an inspiration to us and pushing us to keep going. Thank you Jean-Maximilien for taking the time to answer our questions and look forward to further growth.

1) Please tell us about yourself and your role with Milesopedia?

My name is Jean-Maximilien Voisine, and I am the president and founder of Milesopedia.com. Before moving to Canada from France twelve years ago, I was already passionate about everything related to travel, including airlines and loyalty programs. One funny example: before moving to Canada, I maximized my spending on my Amex Flying Blue Cards in France to Fly Business Class in the nose of an Air France 747 (for the Avgeek experience) while bringing as much luggage as possible (3 x 32 kg x 2 people)! As you can see, like Obelix, I fell into the magic potion of points when I was young!

2) How and why did Milesopedia get started?

I started Milesopedia in 2015 when I realized there was no French-language website on Miles & Points in Canada. Initially, it was a young father’s hobby (the first version of the blog was launched during my paternity leave). Then, gradually, the traffic grew, allowing me to dedicate myself full-time to Milesopedia. And just before the pandemic, it became a family business when my wife Audrey joined me in the adventure. Now, we are 11 full-time employees to run Milesopedia.com and our Network of Sub-Affiliates!

3) What is Milesopedia about?

On Milesopedia, an utterly bilingual site, you will find all the latest news on rewards programs, credit cards and travel from a Canadian perspective (with a francophone touch). As well as a comprehensive credit card comparison tool, a free weekly newsletter and many tools to help you prepare for your trip, including hundreds of hotel, airline and destination reviews. It’s not enough to explain how to earn points; we also show how to redeem them at the best value! Finally, Milesopedia is also a community of more than 20,000 members in our private group, who help each other daily. Our community is well-known for its respect and courtesy!
During the pandemic, we re-invented our business model. While travel was no longer a trend, we wrote more about everyday programs to help our community. And we designed our credit card comparison tool and licenced it as a white-label tool for media partners such as Protégez-Vous, L’Actualité, Noovo Moi or FrançoisCharron.com.

4) What have you been working on that we can look forward to with Milesopedia?

Today, more than 15 partners have joined the Milesopedia Network (and we have as many on the waiting list)! So, we don’t only reach people interested in travelling but also people interested in saving money every day with points: newcomers, students, young professionals, families, and retirees! In the coming months, you can expect more content (especially on our Instagram & YouTube accounts), more interactive tools for our readers, and an expansion of our activities outside of Canada! Stay tuned.

5) As we mentioned in our recent refresh post, you are one of our inspirations to keep going the past 10 years. Do you have any thoughts for us as we embark on our next 10 years?

I remember meeting you, Matt, at one of the first pan-Canadian points events, Points University, in 2016. While Miles & Points websites have proliferated over the past decade, many have gone out of business. That’s not the case with Pointshogger, which has made a name for itself, including interviews with industry leaders. So keep doing what you’re doing while maintaining the same passion!

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