MBNA Full Transition to TD

I just received a letter in the mail this week from MBNA information MBNA cardholders of the conversion of all its credit cards to TD Bank. TD bought MBNA back in 2011, so it has been quite a while for this full conversion to happen. TD even prepared a FAQ section.

One of the paragraphs states:

  • I am writing today to let you know that your accounts will transition to a new credit card system over the “conversion weekend” of September 26 to September 30, 2014. Please review carefully the information in this package, including this letter and the accompanying inserts, and be sure to share the information with any authorized users on your account.

It would interesting to see how the new credit cards will look. With MBNA off the market, that’s one less financial institution competing for our business.

I am curious to see whether TD plans on changing the terms and conditions of some of the credit cards. Hopefully we will see some great promotions during this transition period.

Personally, I just cancelled my MBNA Best Western MasterCard to prepare myself to apply for the next credit card to add to my portfolio. It is probably easy to feel negative about this conversion, but I am going to go in with an open mind.


  1. Hey Matt ! Why do you talk about new cards ? Maybe I misunderstood their letter, but don’t we keep the same cards ?

    1. I am hoping that they will honour the terms and conditions of existing cardholders, but I don’t think they have the obligation to do so. I’m am also curious to see what happens during the transition.

  2. They are only converting to TD’s systems. MBNA will still be alive and remain. New statement look. New online banking, etc. MBNA had to leave BoA systems as per part of the sale.

    1. That’s what it seems like for the time being. Though I suspect at some point in time they will just fully integrate completely in the TD systems. Seems redundant to keep MBNA separate, unless there are some benefits to it, such as keeping the name MBNA.

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