MBNA Sony Promotion Expired Prematurely

It appears that the Sony promotion with MBNA expired prematurely. Initially, there was a 10,000 points sign up bonus if you apply before June 30, 2014. Then there was a 10,000 points sign up bonus with wireless speakers if you apply before July 31, 2014.

However, the links no longer work and it appears that the credit card has gone back to its 2,000 points sign up bonus. Great job on those of you who managed to get the sign up bonus. Just be sure that your points will actually show up on your account, so I suggest to follow up closely.

Those of you who missed out, just remember that credit card companies can change the terms and conditions of their credit cards any time, even without notice. Whether it’s fair or not, I’m not about to sue the credit card company over false marketing.

What I prefer to do is give my business to a company that appreciates my business. Furthermore, if you see a promotion that works well for you, then go for it before it expires. No need to wait until closer to the deadline because you never know what can happen.

MBNA seems to be going through a rough patch lately. Earlier today, we talked about the discontinuance of the MBNA Choice Privileges MasterCard. Back in February of 2013, MBNA made a significant change to the Smart Cash MasterCard by dropping from 3% to 2% return on gas and groceries. Many have suspected that we would see so many negative changes to MBNA as soon as it was bought by TD Canada Trust. I was hoping that it would not be true. Hopefully MBNA has a few products up their sleeves.

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