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Merry Christmas! Shopping Tips 2019

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Over the years, Pointshogger has accumulated a wealth of shopping tips:

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

This may be surprising to some, but shopping habits have evolved over the years. You may notice that stores have had to keep up with the times, with so much online shopping taking over. But some of the basic principles still stay the same. So below is my 2019 shopping tips leading into 2020.

Note that my shopping tips are strategies that you want to implement year-round.

1) Build a Running List /Know Your Prices

All year round, you should keep a running list of items that you expect to need that you do not have to buy immediately. This way, you can start tracking the current prices, versus regular promotions.

Google is your best friend. Google helps us track down blogs, websites, forums, etc. that track the history of discounts. This way, you will know when it is actually a good sale.

2) Shopping Portals

Once you lock down the price that works for you, double dip using shopping portals to earn more miles and points. Triple dip when shopping portals also offer additional limited time multiplier bonuses.

3) Pay with the right Credit Card

Watch for statement credits and multiplier bonuses for certain purchases to earn even more rewards.

4) Price Match

By studying the terms and conditions of the price match rules, you can increase more savings. For example, for every day savings, I use the Flipp App, which I use frequently right at the cashier to get instant savings.

5) Time rewards redemption

The perfect example for this is redeeming PC Optimum points. They often have promotions where you can redeem points and earn more cash back than normal. For example, PC Optimum’s most recent Black Friday promotion has the following reward redemption:

  • Redeem 70,000 points and get $100 (instead of $70, $30 bonus)
  • Redeem 130,000 points and get $200 (instead of $130, $70 bonus)
  • Redeem 250,000 points and get $400 (instead of $250, $150 bonus)

In which case, you are better off redeeming points instead of using your hard earned cash.

Happy Shopping!

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