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Rundown of Royal Caribbean for Canadians (updated December 27, 2019)

I recently took a cruise with Royal Caribbean and posted my thoughts about reasons to take a cruise (and not). Also, I haven’t written an update on Royal Caribbean since 2014, so I think I am way overdue.

This post will focus on Royal Caribbean’s operations in Canada and its Crown & Anchor loyalty program.

Crown & Anchor

Elite Status

To qualify for elite status, you need to earn points. The good thing about this program is that the points are earn once in a lifetime to qualify for a lifetime level, so there is no yearly reset of elite status or expiry policies to worry about.

To earn one point, you need to stay 1 night on a cruise. You can earn 2 points per night on suites and junior suites.

There are six levels with Crown & Anchor. I will mention the qualification requirements in brackets as well as list some of its noteworthy features and benefits. You will notice that the biggest jump is really from Emerald to Diamond.

  • Gold (earn 3 points)
    • on-board discounts for beverages, shops, Internet usage, etc. which gets better as you move up the tiers
    • priority access
    • private departure lounge with continental breakfast
  • Platinum (earn 30 points)
    • discounts on balcony and staterooms
    • robes for on-board use
  • Emerald (earn 55 points)
    • welcome waters & snack + beverage selection
  • Diamond (earn 80 points)
    • daily breakfast with specialty coffee
    • Diamond Club
    • entertainment tour
    • exclusive nightly Diamond event
    • limited free Internet
    • milestone recognition
    • priority wait-list seating request in the main dining room
    • priority departure
  • Diamond Plus (earn 175 points)
    • behind the scenes tours
    • Concierge Club access
    • free laundry
    • personalized gift/amenity
    • priority seating at theater, ice show and AquaTheater events
    • single supplement cruise fare reduced to 150% from 200% for members
    • upgraded bathroom amenities for members with 340 or more cruise points
  • Pinnacle (earn 700 points)
    • free Internet service
    • milestone cruise certificate valued at the prevailing rate of a 7-night balcony and Junior Suite stateroom

*Benefits include all of the benefits as well as what was offered in the lower levels. 

Departing Ports from Canada

Below is a list of departing ports from Canada with ship details. The most significant addition is a cruise leaving from Montreal. Also noteworthy is the expansion of cruise options departing from Vancouver.

The recent changes from last time are in brackets or struck-through.

Montreal, Quebec

Empress of the Seas (added)

  • Destination: Canada and New England Cruise / Canadian Adventure Cruise
  • Maiden voyage: June 25, 1990
  • Capacity: 1,840 passengers / 668 crew

Quebec City, Quebec

Vision of the Seas (added)

  • Destination: Fall Foliage Southbound Cruise
  • Maiden voyage: May 2, 1998
  • Capacity: 2,514 passengers / 765 crew

Legend of the Seas

Serenade of the Seas

Vancouver, British Columbia

Radiance of the Seas

  • Destinations: Alaska / Japan / Hawaii / Post Tours
  • Maiden voyage: April 7, 2001
  • Capacity: 2,501 passengers / 859 crew

Serenade of the Seas (added)

  • Destinations: Alaska / Hawaii / Alberta / Post Tours
  • Maiden voyage: August 1, 2003
  • Capacity: 2,490 passengers / 891 crew

Ovation of the Seas (added)

  • Destinations: Pacific Northwest / Hawaii
  • Maiden voyage: April 16, 2016
  • Capacity: 4,905 passengers / 1,500 crew

Jewel of the Seas

Rhapsody of the Seas


Canada has historically had older and smaller boats in their fleet with Royal Caribbean, so seeing the Ovation of the Seas is a nice addition to Canada.

Cruises are not for everyone, but it is nice to see more options departing from Canadian ports, especially considering our harsh winters.

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