Montreal, Ottawa Toronto Hyperloop Inching Closer

There is a slight update on the high speed slight shot between Montreal and Toronto. The last time I learned about this, the plan was Toronto to Montreal in 30 minutes. The next state of the approval process has been completed, whereby the approved route in Canada would be between Montreal to Toronto, via Ottawa, if it were to go ahead.

Basically, it would be 12 minutes between Montreal and Ottawa, then another 27 minutes between Ottawa and Toronto for a total of 39 minutes. Originally, the route was only going to be between Montreal and Toronto. Glad to see that the capital of Canada has been added to the plans, as it would make more sense in the long term.

The hyperloop technology uses electric propulsion to move magnetically levitated pods through low-pressure tubes. You can learn more about the technology in the YouTube video below:

This is an extremely forward thinking idea. The reality is that there are still quite a few hurdles left before this becomes a reality, but I remain hopeful that this will happen. This would completely revoluationize the way Canadians travel between its core cities. Hopefully one day we would see this technology expand between Calgary and Edmonton. May even cross boarder?

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