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[PROMOTIONS] Air Miles, Aeroplan, Shoppers Optimum (expired)

Until December 4, 2013, you can earn up to 10x the points if you shop online at the Air Miles Shop. Just remember to buy things that are already on sale anyway. I wouldn’t overpay for something for the sake of earning points.

Until December 1, 2013, you can get 25 points back for every 95 points that you redeem with Air Miles. Air Miles has Cash Rewards and Dream Rewards. You can use your Cash Rewards to help you deduct off your balance at check-out. For example, if you plan to fill up at a Shell gas station today, you can use 95 points to get $10 cash back on the spot, and Air Miles is crediting you back with 25 points for redeeming this reward. There is however a $750 limit for the day.

If you have a CIBC Aeroplan affiliated credit card, you can earn 2x points today on all purchase. Today is the perfect day to buy your bus pass or any other related expenses that you were planning on spending anyway, gas, groceries, etc.

Today is also the last day to get 3x points at Home Hardware. You earn 3x points for every $2 spent at the store.

Shoppers Optimum (1)

November 30 and December 1, 2013, you can earn more cash back using the same amount of Optimum points. Here are the promotions:

  • 38,000 points = $70 (regular is $60, + $10 bonus)
  • 50,000 points = $105 (regular is $85, + $20 bonus)
  • 95,000 points = $210 (regular is $170, + $40 bonus)

Remember to use this on things that are either a good price or already on sale as well. Double and triple dip as much as you can.

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