Credit Cards with Travel Medical Insurance for 65+ Years Old

A Pointshogger reader reached out to us and mentioned that it has been over 3 years since we last provided an update our post for travel insurance for people 65 years and older. So I think that it was appropriate to provide an update. It is not easy to find an insurance company that offers travel insurance to people over the age of 65. Even if you do find a company, chances are it is fairly expensive. So having the insurance coverage with credit cards is a nice benefit to have.

[FAQ] Travel Insurance with Credit Cards

Today, we feature a special Pointshogger contributor, Luc Hamelin, who has been an Aeroplan member since the program was launched in 1984. He has learned through travel experience that reading the fine prints on travel documents can make a huge difference in outcomes and expectations. Recently, the focus of his interest has been on travel insurance associated with Canadian credit cards. He is not an insurance professional. Hopefully this FAQ for travellers will serve as an eye-opener. Bon voyage!

The information provided is for educational purposes only. It should should not be relied upon and is not a substitute for careful review of insurance policies or consultation with qualified professionals.

Travel Insurance For 65 Years Old And Over (updated February 7, 2016)

When we purchase travel credit cards, generally it will come with some sort of trip medical insurance, whether it be the first 10 days of your trip or the first 21 days of your trip. However, you will notice that most travel credit cards will only cover those who are 64 and under, and the reason for this is the same as for any insurance, there is a higher liability for the insurance company. This means travelers who are over 65 cannot take advantage of these benefits, even if they own a premium credit card.