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[ANALYSIS] Thrifty Blue Chip Rewards

It is always important to diverse our points portfolio in order to maximize our rewards. Depending on what our purchases are, we can choose the preferred loyalty program to maximize our possible earnings. Let’s put our focus on those who prefer to travel by car; many car rental companies have their own loyalty program, so you are not losing out on possible rewards.

The Blue Chip Rewards program offered by Thrifty allows you to earn FREE days at participating Thrifty locations. The program is free to register and as a member, it automatically quickens the rental process with Thrifty.

Below are highlights of the program:

  • Once you sign up as a Blue Chip member, your car rental preferences and personal information are stored making your reservations process much quicker.
  • As a Blue Chip member, you can jump the line to the Blue Chip Members line and get to your car faster.
  • When you rent a vehicle at participating Thrifty locations, Thrifty will automatically keep track or your days and rentals.
  • When you have rented 16 days, then you will qualify for a FREE car rental day.
  • One FREE day certificate entitles you to any sized car from any participating Thrifty location.

The Blue Chip Rewards program also has a Travel Partners program in which you can earn points for your preferred loyalty program. This is the part that I tend to pay more attention to when reading up on car rental programs. To name a few, AAdvantage members can earn 50 AAdvantage miles per qualifying rental day; United MileagePlus members can earn 50 miles a day on rental ranging from 1 to 4 days; Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members can earn 50 miles per qualifying rental day at qualifying Thrifty locations.

If you don’t travel by car often, you always have the option of transferring your points to a preferred loyalty program so that you are not losing out.


  1. I have recently starting use Thrifty and really really like it. I have had great cars and service so far. The only thing you need to be careful of is they have a strict policy on filling the car with gas on return within 10 miles of drop off and they like to see the receipt. To save yourself some grief, refill within 10 miles, get the receipt and offer to show it to them when you drop it. They usually want to see it and will log it in their system. If you don’t your gambling that they will charge you an extra fee.

    1. Hi Dan, this was one of the programs I had great hopes for and planned to use for an upcoming road trip later this year. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy this loyalty program. Thanks for the great advice as well!

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