Toronto Miles & Points Event

Fellow Toronto-based travel & points blogger Ricky from Prince of Travel (whom we had the pleasure of interviewing) will be putting together the next Toronto Miles & Points Event on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at the Walrus Pub & Beer Hall in Downtown Toronto.

Attending in-person events like these is one of the best ways to pick up on some of the advanced topics within this hobby that are often kept secret, like manufactured spending. In addition, Ricky has mentioned in his post on this event that the focus of his presentation will very much be on these advanced topics, and I’m sure there will also be plenty of discussion in the networking session afterwards.

There will also be food provided at the event, the chance to win 10 x 1,000 FFDs as prizes provided by Plastiq, as well as a few ping pong tables as part of the Walrus’s Pong Bar for attendees to enjoy!

Ricky has offered a special discount code for Pointshogger readers. Enter the code POINTSHOGGER at checkout for $5 off the ticket price of $29. The code is valid for the first 15 people who use it.

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