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Updated Review of Carrot Rewards

It has been a few months since I started using Carrot Rewards, as there seems to be a demand for me to update my experience. I am not going to repeat what I already shared in my last post, but I will provide an update since.

Reward Option

Initially, I started off with collecting Aeroplan miles, but later decide to switch to Scene points. I thought it would be more useful to collect points for date night with my wife. I have my wife earning Aeroplan instead, to stay diversified.

Otherwise, I think that Drop points are very valuable. More Rewards and Petro-Points are also available, but not my personal preference.

What I love about Carrot Rewards is that you can load all your loyalty accounts into your account and switch earning redemption option very easily. So you can switch it up whenever you need to top up a specific account for an upcoming reward redemption.

Crediting your Account

Personally, I had a very good experience with crediting my loyalty account, it takes 2-3 business days for the most part.


The surveys range from 5-15 points for the most part. One thing that I keep messing up with this feature, it may say 15 points, of which 10 points is for completing the survey and another 5 points for sharing it. I made the mistake of pushing the wrong button of not sharing, so watch out for the option.


When referring a friend, with Scene, you normally get 100 bonus points, but it can go up to 200 or 300 during a promotional period, which generally runs for 24-48 hours only.

Support me by using my referral code to sign up: matthewl6471

Steps Feature

I have a Galaxy 6 Edge and I still have not been able to link my steps tracking feature. I have tried so many different ways for a few months and just gave up on it. They need 14 days to calibrate your steps feature to establish a goal for you. Every time you achieve your goal, you will receive bonus points. For example, you may need to take 5,000 steps per day, once you complete your goal, you can get 2 Aeroplan points or 4 Scene points. They also offer a challenge, whereby if you complete your goal 10 out of 14 days, you can receive even more bonus points.

My wife managed to merge her iPhone 5S with the steps feature, but it has been very glitchy. She may complete her goal, but well above 100%, yet it does not seem to credit her the reward. So the Steps feature has been frustrating all around for us.


I hear a lot of mixed reviews about Carrot Rewards. Personally, this is how I see it. The surveys are pretty straightforward and every points count. I may not be collecting very many points, but it is better than nothing! At the very least, it helps me speed up topping up my rewards account.

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