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Updating my Survey Portfolio

Often times, surveys have helped me keep my loyalty accounts active and helped me pay for items online. So I am very appreciative that survey programs are available to us and I intend to keep on using them while I still can. Below is a breakdown of my survey portfolio and why I use each program.

E-Rewards is hands down my favourite program. For every survey that you complete, you earn E-reward dollars which can be used to transfer to other loyalty programs. Even if you do not qualify for a survey, you receive token dollars. Depending on which country you live in, you will have a different list of transfer partners. I primarily transfer my E-Reward dollars to AAdvantage, Executive Club and IHG Rewards, all of which come in handy.

AskingCanadians is probably my second favourite. You have the choice of earning points directly with HBC Rewards, Aeroplan or Petro-Points. The points are not transferable, so once you choose the program, you are locked in until you request a chance. I decided to earn Aeroplan points. The surveys generally give me 25, 50, 75 or 100 points per completed survey. If I am kicked out of the survey, I get 5 points. Those are pretty good rewards if you ask me.

Pinecone Research is a new one that I started using since my last update. This one gives me straight cash. They recently added the option of banking your money into PayPal, but I prefer the cash option.

Ipsos I-Say and Swagbucks are my next two top choices. Both of them allow me to earn points that will give me Amazon gift cards or money that I can put into PayPal. That money definitely comes in handy.

PaidViewpoint is an0ther new one that I started trying which should earn me cash that is deposited into PayPal. I have yet to cash out, so I will see how this pans out.

Air Miles Research Now has dropped down my priority list so quickly. I am becoming less and less of a fan of Air Miles that at some point this survey program might just drop off my list completely.

The reason I joined so many of these programs is because the surveys can be rare and far in between. I probably spend less than 30 minutes a day in total, combine, on all survey programs, but I really do feel that the time I do spend on the surveys are pretty worth it, especially when I start cashing them out for rewards.

Before deciding on which survey program to join, I suggest that you visit the Survey Police website to check out the reviews and feedback of each survey program. This is like the TripAdvisor of Surveys.

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  1. I am a member of E-rewards France, so I don’t know if it’s the same in Canada (one can only be a member in a sole region of the programme).
    In my case, transferring points to Iberia Plus avios has a better rate (2000:750) than transferring to Avios.co.uk, BA Executive Club, or AAdvantage (2000:500).
    Since I value 750 avios more than 500 AAdvantage miles, I currently always cash out my points to Iberia Plus.

    1. Our Iberia breakdown is:
      $25 = 750 Avios points
      $50 = 1500 Avios points
      $100 = 3000 Avios points
      While British Airways is:
      $12 = 250 Avios points
      $20 = 500 Avios points
      $35 = 1000 Avios points

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