What to do ahead of Cineplex’s Scene Rewards Program Changes

Cineplex’s Scene Rewards program is going through some changes effective April 17, 2019. In summary, for the most part, you will be earning points faster, but need more points for some reward redemptions. I will discuss the changes and offer some strategies.

Movie Tickets

Below are the movie earning and redemption schedule changes.

a table with numbers and words

Prime / ScreenX / 4Dx

Missing from the above charts are Prime, ScreenX and 4Dx, which have the follow earning and redemption ratios:

  • Prime Seats: earn 125 points / redeem 1,250 points per ticket
  • ScreenX: earn 200 points / redeem 2,000 points per ticket
  • 4Dx: earn 250 points / redeem 2,500 points per ticket

3D Movies

The sweet spot is the 3D movie ticket. That is going down from April 17 onward. If it is going to cost the same number of points as a regular movie, are they trying to send a message? Either way, looks like I will be redeeming 3D movies much more often. But it might also mean that Regular rooms will be less full, so if it is not a movie that will make a huge different being 3D, I may just go into a less full room instead.

Enhanced / VIP Cinemas

If you enjoy redeeming your points at Enhanced and VIP Cinemas, I recommend redeeming your points before April 17 for any movies that you would like to see. If you are paying for the ticket anyway, I would pay for tickets beyond April 17, since you will be earning more points per ticket by then.

Night Out Packages

Personally, I usually redeem my points for a Night Out package. Below are the redemption changes effective April 17, 2019:

  • General Admission Night Out package: increasing from 2,500 to 3,500 points
  • 3D Night Out package: staying the same at 3,500 points
  • IMAX, UltraAVX, and D-BOX Night Out packages: increasing from 3,500 to 5,000 points
  • VIP Cinema Package: increasing from 4,500 to 6,000 points

Food and Beverages

a table with numbers and words

Bonus points on combos and Outtakes meals

a list of food items

The positive news is that you will be earning more points on food and beverages, even though it is the same reward redemption. Assuming they do not increase the prices of concessions by too much.

I remember the days when they did not give any points for spending on food, snacks and beverages. So I like this earning opportunity.

Co-Branded Credit Card

As bizarre at this sound, Scotiabank SCENE Visa card, is offering a very low higher than normal sign up bonus. Below is the current highlights of the card:

  • No annual fee
  • Earn 2,500 sign up bonus Scene points after spending $500 in the first 3 months (if you sign up before June 30, 2019)
  • Earn 5 Scene points for every $1 spent at Cineplex Entertainment theatre or online
  • Earn 1 Scene point for every $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Have at least $12,000 in personal annual income

Normally, there is a 2,000 sign up bonus, so the increase is by 500 points. However, the past, we normally see 4,000 sign up bonus; even as high as 5,000 points. The downside of this card is that we cannot churn it, as I have learned. Even though I re-applied for the card over 5 years later. Maybe some people have better luck. Either way, if you are a movie-goer, you mine as well keep this card since there is no annual fee anyway.

Furthermore, if they are going to increase the cost of most reward redemptions, but not increase the earning ratios of this card, this card essentially got devalued. Hope to see Scotiabank make some changes. Perhaps they can introduce another multiplier bonus, such as 2x the points on gas and groceries?

Carrot Rewards

Despite the negative changes to Carrot Rewards, i.e. not able to earn as many points through daily steps (can still earn by achieving challenges), I am still topping up my Scene Rewards account with the surveys.


I always wonder, tell me if I am wrong, but if they lowered the cost of movie tickets and concessions, would they not have more volume of sales and actually come out ahead? What are your thoughts, would you be more willing to go to the movies and spend money if the cost was lower? Or does it not make any difference and it would not change your current habits?


  1. Wasn’t aware of this change. Thanks for the head’s up. So if I don’t go to some movies before mid-April my account will depreciate by 25%.

  2. I typically only redeem my scene points to one of the dining partners, like Montana’s. Only go there maybe twice a year as I’m not a huge chain restaurant fan, but can deal with it that often.

    As far as earning points, I try to see movies only in AVX format due to better seat and sound, so getting more points will be a win for me. If only they would remove the 3D format from AVX movies then I would be a happy camper. Try to avoid 3D since they are all a waste of money!

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