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[INTERVIEW] 100,000 Trees Planted by Delta Hotel Guests

Delta Hotels by Marriott is expanding its mission to fill Canada with trees planted by hotel visitors. Launched in February 2015, Delta’s GreenSTAY program aims to combat the effects of global warming. Guests have the option to plant one tree for each night they opt out of housekeeping. With 100,000 trees planted in the province of Alberta, Delta teamed up with WEARTH in the Niagara region of the province of Ontario to plant another 100,000 trees. This region was chosen due to the destructive effects of the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle. On October 23, 2017, Don Cleary, President of Marriott International in Canada was in Niagara to plant the first of many trees to come. Below is my interview with him. 

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Don Cleary and I’m the President of Marriott International’s Canadian region where I am responsible for the development, leadership, operation and financial management of all 220 hotels in Canada under 19 of the 30 Marriott brands currently in the country. I have been with Marriott International for over 25 years.

Delta Hotels by Marriott is celebrating a milestone with the GreenSTAY initiative, what is this about?

When we check into a hotel, many of us are ready to check out of our typical day-to-day routine. Often times, this can also mean losing sight of the environmentally responsible choices that we try make at home. Consider this – have you ever left hotel lights on when you’ve left the room? How about the television? Delta Hotels and Resorts, one of Marriott International’s 30 brands, partnered with an organization called WEarth in February 2015 to initiate a natural capital project around environmental conservation called the GreenSTAY program.

The GreenSTAY program essentially offers consumers the chance to plant one or more virtual trees during their hotel visit by opting out of house keeping services for up to two consecutive days. If consumers choose to participate in the program, a tree is planted by WEarth’s Forest Farmer initiative for each night that consumers skip the turn-down service. The  program launched in 2015 celebrates 100,000 tree planted in Alberta this week.

a group of people in a field a couple of men in a field

a man digging in a field

What is next?

The 100,000 trees we’ve planted so far have been planted by WEARTH are native species and have restored over 258,000 square feet, the size of about 163 NHL rinks, of forest near Manning, Alberta.  With 100,000 trees now planted in Alberta, the GreenSTAY program is moving its mission across Canada, with a focus on the Niagara region – choosing the territory to combat the destructive effects of the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle.

What else can Canadians look forward to with Delta Hotels by Marriott?

This year marks two years since Delta Hotels by Marriott become a part of the Marriott’s portfolio and a year since its endorsement by Marriott International. The newcomer brand now has four hotels open in the United States, and has now expanded its global footprint this year with its recent hotel opening in Shanghai this past summer. Other international hub markets such as London are also in the pipeline.

Simple Made Perfect: the brand’s tagline says it all. This is a small, but strong brand that brings the luxuries of full service together with the simplicities that make travel more enjoyable. Delta Hotels aims to provide seamless flow for our guests by meticulously delivering the key essentials they need and eliminating everything they don’t.

He’d like to include a link to more information, is there a website he can link to with further information?

For more information on Delta Hotels By Marriott, please visit: http://deltahotels.marriott.com

For more information, on Marriott International’s CRS initiatives globally, please visit: http://serve360.marriott.com

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