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Air Canada and WestJet Break Single Day Records on the Same Day

Both Air Canada and WestJet reported that they set all-time single-day records for the number of passengers on July 31, 2015. Air Canada reported that it flew more than 150,000 passengers, while WestJet had 72,240 passengers on the same day.

As we talked about yesterday, a weak Canadian dollar has made Canada a more attractive place to visit. Though I doubt this was the only reason why a record was broken. Contrary to what seems to be reported in the news, it seems that the economy is doing well as more and more people have the financial capability to travel.

Seeing as both major airlines in Canada are doing well, and oil prices hitting new lows, I would hope that the airline industry remain competitive. We tend to read a lot of conflicting reports about airlines doing well, airlines doing poorly, airlines doing well, airlines doing poorly, etc.

Sometimes I can’t tell whether I want to hear good news or bad news. To me, good news gives them the excuse to not remain competitive because they are already profitable. Bad news can be encouraging, because it means they either need to step up their game or continue to suffer.

For today, I think that I will take a more optimistic approach. Setting a single day record is something to cheer about. It shows that the economy is doing well. Let’s hope that these two airlines won’t get greedy and continue to push out a more competitive product so that they can continue to break more records in the future.

In an ideal situation, airlines would continue to become more competitive for the consumer, but in return, they continually set new records like these!

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