Negative Changes to the Scene Rewards Program

Cineplex’s rewards program, Scene, is revamping its features, namely its redemption schedule. As of November 4, 2015, it will cost a lot more points to redeem for a movie ticket.

Below are the new redemption options:

  • General admission = 1,000 points
  • 3D, Imax, UltraAVX, D-Box = 1,500 points
  • VIP tickets = 2,000 points

Even though we are seeing up to 2x more points required for a free movie; conversely, we will now be able to earn points faster:

  • General admission = 100 points
  • 3D, Imax, UltraAVX and D-Box = 150 points
  • VIP tickets = 200 points

Even though it really sucks to see these changes, it was probably going to happen sooner or later. When we redeem 1,000 points for the premium movie tickets, it was a fairly generous reward redemption to begin with, considering that VIP tickets are more than twice as expensive as general admission tickets.

This is just another reminder that we should not hoard our points. Whenever you get a chance to redeem them, go for it, because you never know when a devaluation like this will hit.

Looks like I will be going to the movies in the next month or two…

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