Air Miles Flight-a-Day Giveaway

Effective today, October 21, 2021 through November 10, 2021, the AIR MILES Reward Program has launched its AIR MILES Flight-a-Day Giveaway.


There are two main prizes to win:

  • Grand prize: $25,000  flight voucher
  • 1 of 21 flight vouchers valued at $5,000 each

Note that these flight vouchers can be used on a list of airlines (“to be determined by the Contest Sponsor”) with no expiry date. The “no expiry” is the key since not everyone is comfortable with travel at the moment.

How to participate

It is very straightforward to participate, basically swipe your Air Miles card as normal. These are some highlights of the contest:

  • Receive 1 entry for every card swipe at Air Miles partners
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Receive 2x the entries as a Gold member
  • Receive 3x the entries as an Onyx member
  • Receive 5x the entries as an American Express or BMO Air Miles credit card holder

You can even stack the multiple entries on a single transaction. For example, a Gold member who also hold a co-branded credit card of both AMEX and BMO at the same time can earn 12 entries (2x as Gold + 5x for BMO + 5x for AMEX = 12) on one swipe.


This contest is a very easy and straightforward with very little requirements. Basically, swipe your card (like normal) and hope to win. As a result, I see this as a great way to give back to Air Miles collectors. Great job on the part of Air Miles for this giveaway in my books!

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