Air Miles Partners with Spotify, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and More

The Air Miles reward program announced the addition of several new partners. Below are some of the details of each new partnership.


Air Miles collectors now have access to Spotify, a digital music service that allows members to access thousands of songs using Cash Miles, in denominations of $10.

12-Month Digital Gaming Subscriptions

Collectors can now access 12-month digital gaming subscriptions with the use of Dream Miles for the following:

  • Nintendo Switch, a gaming console
  • PlayStation NOW, a cloud-based gaming subscription
  • PlayStation Plus, a subscription service that gives Collectors deals and exclusive discounts
  • Xbox Live, a multiplayer gaming system

Shopping Portal

Air Miles is also expanding its online shopping portal, Air Miles Shops, with the addition of:

  • Columbia
  • Estée Lauder
  • Simons
  • Samsung


I have mentioned this before in passing. But with the travel industry down right now, I really do believe that Air Miles has an opportunity to step up. Their business model (earning and redeeming) is generally more diversified than travel programs. More options and more sweet spots can really help them.


  1. Why haven’t you done an in-depth dive into the new aeroplan program. Are you too lazy to do a deep dive or are you not very familiar with the aeroplan program ?
    You should be at least posting 2 or 3 articles per day at a minimum…Time for you to give up blogging..

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Hoping to work on some post ideas as we get closer to November 8, 2020 as things can still change with Aeroplan from now till then. In the meantime, here are our two posts:

      Also, here is our announcement of the new direction that we took with Pointshogger:

      We have no issues if you wish to read other bloggers instead who would cater to your interests. We are more than happy to refer you to our friend at Prince of Travel as he is doing an amazing job with breaking down the new Aeroplan program:

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