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Apps that I Use to Keep Track of My Loyalty Programs

I am very frequently asked how do I keep track of all my loyalty programs. I actually have a very simple answer.

Award Wallet

After all this time, I only really been using AwardWallet. It has already been 3 years since I have use this program and it has served me well. They have made a few nice upgrades to the format and layout to make it more user-friendly.

Note that Award Wallet is free to sign up, but there is an upgraded service, which can be access through various means (referral, donation, etc.).

Award Wallet has really service me well. Especially because in addition to airline frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs, I also have a bunch of retail programs to keep track of as well. As a result, Award Wallet does a very good job and partnering up with a wide variety of programs.

I know that they are still missing some key airline partners, in those cases, I can still add the program, but I have to manually input the miles and points balance. However, I do not mind, as those missing frequent flyer programs not really programs that I use very often anyway.

Please feel free to send me an email if you would like me to refer you to the program. The benefit of a referral is that you will get upgraded service for about 6 months. 


Stocard is an App that I recently started using. Basically, you can store many of your loyalty cards electronically on the phone App. The benefit of this is that you do not have to carry so many physical cards in your wallet any more.

Furthermore, some of the programs does list out your miles and points balance to help you keep track.

I would not use Stocard to replace Award Wallet, but I would rather use them in combination together. Award Wallet does have a feature where we can present our loyalty account at the checkout, but not barcodes like Stocard does. Stocard makes it easy at checkout, because the cashier/agent just has to scan the barcode on the App making it so painless!

The App is available on Google Play and the Apple Store for free.


Security is obviously a huge concern when using third party websites to help us keep track of our loyalty accounts. For sure we are giving them access to a lot of personal information, so we are exposed to a certain amount of risk. There is no going around that. At the end of the day, it will depend a lot on our trust with these programs.

Personally, the way I see it is that they have a business to run. The business model is great and it really does offer a lot of value. So if they do a good job, they will have more people signing up, which is much more should be more beneficial to them, rather than stealing our information. Unfortunately it only takes 1 bad apple to take all of these companies down at once. If one company messes up, it messes it up for all similar business models.

What I do hope is that they have the infrastructure in place to prevent hackers from hacking in. No question that a lot of their profits need to be spent on upgrading security.

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