Canadian Travel Advisory (Jokes Warning!)

SARCASM WARNING – I know it is not April 1, but there is already so much negativity out there, so I am going to have a little fun with this one and give my comedy career a try. So please don’t take this post seriously! I just hope that this puts a smile on your face by the end (even if you are just laughing AT me for how bad my jokes are)!  

Effective yesterday, December 15, 2021, the Canadian Federal Government issued a travel advisory that probably cause quite a stir.

“Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada, regardless of your vaccination status.”


Lots of emotions might be surfacing, maybe it feels something like this:

  • Here we go again…
  • I took the vaccines so that I can travel. Now this?
  • What is the point of being fully vaccinated?
  • The government already had their chance to get it right after all this time, not going to listen to the government this time.
  • The government really is trying to control us, they have to be stopped!
  • Hey, you voted for them, now you get what you voted for!
  • Calm down everyone, it’s not a big deal needing to stay in, protect your loved ones.
  • Some people who are not being responsible are ruining it for everyone else.
  • The Canadian Government did not go far enough, they should completely shut the border down.
  • Really everyone… just stay home and be safe, it’s not that big of a deal.
  • It’s getting really cold outside anyway, so I was going to stay in anyway.

Travel Advisory

Did I miss anything? Actually… what I really wanted to focus on, is what exactly does the government mean by this new travel advisory? First, let’s highlight the current wording on the government website:

  1. Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada due to the risk of the Omicron variant that causes COVID-19.
  2. This advisory overrides all other advisories on this page, with the exception of those where we advise against all travel.
  3. Continue to avoid all cruise ship travel outside of Canada.

Let’s break them down further one by one.

1) Avoid non-essential travel

At this point, what exactly does “non-essential” constitute anyway? Does everyone “have to” immediately cancel all their existing travel plans?

Mental health is just as essential as my physical health! Not letting me go on vacation is giving me mental health issues because I cannot get a break. It is essential for me to get a mental break by going on a vacation!

It is essential for me to visit family that I have no seen in 2 years. That is too long to be so far apart. Family is essential!

It is essential that I travel now, while I still can, before they close the border fully.

2) Overrides all other advisories

This advisory is a mouth full (see above, under Travel Advisory), and there is an exception to tag along with it too. Isn’t the only difference that we are adding the phrase “avoid non-essential travel” outside of Canada. What else is really different that we need to override? Wasn’t there an honour system already that we should be avoiding non-essential travel?

Oh wait, sounds like now they are implementing the honour system now?

Also, who exactly is enforcing the definition of non-essential anyway?

I am almost ready to be serious, but right now, I can’t help but feel for border agents and airline gate attendants. Are they suppose to ask each person: “Before you get on your flight (or cross the border), I need to know if you are going on an essential trip, otherwise I have to turn you back?”

3) Avoid all cruise ship travel outside of Canada

Okay, but we can go on a cruise ship in Canada? I guess we go at our own risk? Probably better to avoid ALL cruises for now…


SERIOUS ALERT— I understand and appreciate that these are serious times and everyone, including myself, has been negatively impacted by this experience as it may have affected one of you or your loved ones dearly. So hopefully this post made you laugh (as it was intended to be a joke, and I am fine if you are laughing AT me for making bad jokes too).

Since everyone has a different option on this matter, I was hoping that I was able to capture a piece of everyone’s emotions, in one way shape or form, regardless of how you feel. I personally feel better just being able to vent from every angle/perspective (since I have very mixed emotions). So thank you for reading until now.

However, more importantly, how are you holding up? We would love to hear your perspective, please let us know in the comment section below!


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