AIR MILES Reduces Number of Dream Miles Needed for Merchandise

RE-POSTED- Amendment to the title

As we approach the holiday period, AIR MILES is reducing the number of Dream Miles needed to redeem on over 500 merchandise rewards by at least 100 Miles each. Here is the fun part, the new rollback is NOT a limited-time offer and will be available to all AIR MILES collectors.

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The discount is only applicable through the AIR MILES reward catalogue. This is in addition to the discounts that elite members already receive:

  • Gold collectors will use up to 5% fewer Miles
  • Onyx collectors will use up to 10% fewer Miles


Air Miles has been heavily criticised for its high reward redemption schedule. So this is welcome news for Air Mile collectors. There will still be items that members will feel are overpriced and perhaps the items that a member has been watching did not even go down in redemption miles. Furthermore, it is entirely possible that they just reduced the cost of items that have been sitting in their inventory for too long.

Either way, I am just glad that the cost is going down instead of going up. Keep in mind that Air Miles also offers regular discount promotions throughout the year too. So even though there is a permanent reduction on some items, there is also a chance that there are further discounts later on too.

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