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Rundown of Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles for Canadians (updated April 13, 2017)

Delta Air Lines has a fair amount of flights coming into Canada. Of course I would like to see more, to help with the competition. Today’s post is a rundown on how Canadians can utilize Delta’s rewards program called SkyMiles.

Note that Delta Air Lines is a member of SkyTeam. Personally, I rarely fly with SkyTeam, but if I do, I bank my miles to Delta because of its expiry policy.

Which Star Alliance Member to Choose

As a Canadian, it is well known that Aeroplan is the default go-to program. The main reason is because it is the more widely accessible and easier program for a Canadian to rack up their miles in a hurry. They have partnerships with three banks (American Express, CIBC and TD), who all offer co-branded credit cards. There are ten personal credit cards offered to Canadians, not including business Aeroplan cards.

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List of Airline Alliances (updated January 15, 2017)

There always seems to be a few changes to airline alliances ever so often, so I thought I’d update the list from 4 months ago.

In case people are wondering why I put this together. As you know, one of the main reasons this blog was created was to help me document my personal research. I find having all the members of airline alliances listed on one page very handy.


Rundown on American Airlines for Canadians (updated May 9, 2016)

American Airlines has a loyalty program called AAdvantage. It has been widely documented already that AAdvantage took a devaluation hit this past year in reward redemption. That being said, I still believe that there is still a lot of value to be had, especially for short-haul redemptions.


Rundown of United Airlines’ MileagePlus for Canadians (updated March 19, 2016)

Though United Airlines may not be best known for its elite program, they do hold a lot of value in terms of rewards redemptions. Unfortunately for Canadians, there is no co-branded credit card that allows us to earn United Airline’s MileagePlus miles. There is no Canadians transferable points program either.

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How to Best Use Aeroplan on Star Alliance

When we’re out collecting those Aeroplan miles, it sounds great when we redeemed enough for a free flight across the world. However, this isn’t always the case. A free ticket definitely sounds like a great rewards, but not if those taxes and surcharges end up costing you half a ticket if you were to purchase it.