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Category: Airline Alliances

[AIRLINE] Aeroméxico Club Premier

We’ve written many posts regarding the United States, but very little has been written about the other North American country, Mexico. Aeroméxico is a major airline of Mexico, which is also one...

[TRAVEL] Update to Airline Alliances (August 2, 2014)

I have written about my airline portfolio and explained that I generally earn the points of at least one airline per alliance. There are several reasons for this diversification. I never know which airline...

[TRAVEL] Update to Airline Alliances (updated May 11, 2014)

We previously wrote a posting about flying with airline alliances. I continue to believe that you should always consider all the options that airline alliances have to offer. If you collect Aeroplan points...

[AIRLINE] Delta Air Lines Destinations Departing from Canada (updated April 13, 2014)

Delta Air Lines’ loyalty program, SkyMiles, has been hit with a lot of devaluation news in the last while. But if you are still a fan of Delta Air Lines, below is a list of most of its destinations...

[AIRLINE] American Airlines/U.S. Airways Destinations Departing from Canada (updated April 9, 2014)

I have been quite excited about the American Airlines/U.S. Airways merger, so I have put together a list of destinations that both airlines fly to within Canada. Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) American...

[ANALYSIS] Asia Miles

You can earn Asia Miles by flying on any of the Oneworld alliance flights. But for the most part, Asia Miles is associated the Cathay Pacific airline. The reason why Asia Miles can be valuable for Canadians...

[ANALYSIS] American Airlines AAdvantage

American Airlines has a loyalty program called AAdvantage. Unfortunately, there are no Canadian credit cards in Canada that allows you to accumulate AAdvantage points. That being said, that doesn’t...

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