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Rundown of United Airlines’ MileagePlus for Canadians (updated March 19, 2016)

Though United Airlines may not be best known for its elite program, they do hold a lot of value in terms of rewards redemptions. Unfortunately for Canadians, there is no co-branded credit card that allows us to earn United Airline’s MileagePlus miles. There is no Canadians transferable points program either.

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How to Best Use Aeroplan on Star Alliance

When we’re out collecting those Aeroplan miles, it sounds great when we redeemed enough for a free flight across the world. However, this isn’t always the case. A free ticket definitely sounds like a great rewards, but not if those taxes and surcharges end up costing you half a ticket if you were to purchase it.

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[AIRLINE] United Airlines Destinations Departing from Canada (updated November 6, 2014)

United Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, which Air Canada is a part of. So when you use your Aeroplan points to redeem for a reward flight, I would strongly consider flying with United Airlines, because of the lower tax…

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What’s Currently in my Airline Portfolio in the Year 2014

The rules of the points game is constantly evolving, especially when airline loyalty programs have significant changes to their earning and reward structures. I have always talked about diversification. So today, I will explain how I have structured my airline points’ portfolio.