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Rundown of Royal Caribbean for Canadians (updated December 27, 2019)

I recently took a cruise with Royal Caribbean and posted my thoughts about reasons to take a cruise (and not). Also, I haven’t written an update on Royal Caribbean since 2014, so I think I am way...

Reasons to go on a Cruise

I know it has been a while since I last posted. Part of the reason was because I was on a cruise and I’m not about to pay for the high priced Internet usage fee. Also, I love the part where I can...

Thoughts About Cruises

Last month, Royal Caribbean launched the Harmony of the Seas, which is currently the world’s largest ship. Also, there was the introduction of the new 180 days around the world cruise offered by...

[ANALYSIS] Carnival Cruise

I recently went on a cruise with Carnival Cruise Line, so it is only fitting to write a post about them. My first experience with them was great as you can see on the featured picture. First of all, if...

[ANALYSI] Royal Caribbean

I’ve been on the Royal Caribbean once in the Caribbean. It was my first time on a cruise ship and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I heard a lot about people not wanting to go on a cruise...

[ANALYSIS] Celebrity Cruise

I’ve been on the Celebrity Cruise once in the Caribbean and I really enjoyed the experience. First of all, if you plan on going on a Celebrity Cruise more than once, you should definitely sign up...

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