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How to Use Hipmunk

In a previous post, we made a short introduction to the website Hipmunk and some basic steps on how to use the site. In today’s post, we will go into a more detailed analysis of the website. Hipmunk...

The Benefits of Using Hipmunk

We spoke about Hipmunk being a very good site for finding flights as it is very customer friendly. In today’s post, we will go through a few steps on how to use the site and functions that are extremely...

Are you Attending the Pan Am Games in Toronto?

The Pan Am Games of 2015 will begin today, Friday, July 10 in Toronto, Ontario. I am very excited as this is one of the larger events which occur in the country. As a huge badminton fan, I have booked...

An Introduction to Google Flights

Previously we spoke about a more advanced booking system called ITA Matrix, which was created for frequent flyers to manually find the best flight for themselves. The system is a bit confusing for everyday...

Incorrect Name Spelling Costed a Couple Fees to Cancel Airline Tickets

As the title states, a couple was charged fees to cancel airline tickets after discovering that their names were misspelled. Apparently they argued with customers service over the phone for several hours...

[PROMOTION] 20% off with Petro-Points and itravel2000.com (expired)

You can redeem your Petro-Points with itravel2000.com for your trip, whereby 10,000 Petro-Points gives you $10 off your booking with itravel2000.com. There is currently a promotion that expires on June...

Part 1 – Introduction: Airbnb

We welcome back Alex, from Easy Award Booking, who will write a multi-part series on airbnb. It is true! Even though I travel the world on Business and First Class due to the amount of Airline points I...

How Does GoAmeego Work?

Today we are featuring Pointshogger contributor, Nikhail Singh, also the founder of GoAmeego, who will share with us how this website (and soon to be mobile app) will help you meet up with your friends...

How Does Roomer Work?

Today we are featuring Pointshogger contributor, Stacey Upfalow, from Roomer, who will explain to us how the Roomer app and website works. Roomer allows you to book discounted hotel rooms from people who’ve...

Searching for Flights with ITA Matrix

Although burning the points you have earned is great, sometimes it may be a better option to purchase a specific flight, depending on when and where you are going. In this post, I’m going to introduce...

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