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[INTERVIEW] 100,000 Trees Planted by Delta Hotel Guests

Delta Hotels by Marriott is expanding its mission to fill Canada with trees planted by hotel visitors. Launched in February 2015, Delta’s GreenSTAY program aims to combat the effects of global warming. Guests have the option to plant one tree for each night they opt out of housekeeping. With 100,000 trees planted in the province of Alberta, Delta teamed up with WEARTH in the Niagara region of the province of Ontario to plant another 100,000 trees. This region was chosen due to the destructive effects of the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle. On October 23, 2017, Don Cleary, President of Marriott International in Canada was in Niagara to plant the first of many trees to come. Below is my interview with him. 


[INTERVIEW] Director of Loyalty for Marriott Canada about Partnership with PlacePass

Today, we feature Jennifer Bryl, Director of Loyalty for Canada, Marriott International, who would like to discuss its new partnership with PlacePass.

Jennifer Bryl, Director of Loyalty for Marriott Canada

1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

For Marriott International, I’m a loyalty driver who helps hotels understand the value of enrolling and recognizing new members so they can create exceptional and memorable experiences for our guests. Montreal is my favourite Canadian city (for the foodie in me) and I’m itching to visit Grand Okanagan!

[INTERVIEW] Who is Prince of Travel?

Today, we feature our buddy, Ricky Zhang, from Prince of Travel, one of the newest blogs who is already providing everyone with so much helpful information. Great work Ricky!

What inspired you to start your blog Prince of Travel?

I’ve been playing the Miles & Points game for quite a while now – and I’ve been passionate about travel for even longer – so looking back now it seems inevitable that I would start a blog.

[INTERVIEW] Who is PointsNerd?

Today, we feature an interview with our friend Jayce from PointsNerd. Thank you Jayce for taking the time to be interviewed by us! Your blog is very inspirational and we hope that others will also benefit from your work as we have!

What inspired you to start your PointsNerd blog?

I have been in the Travel Hacking game for over 15 years but didn’t know many people that were really into it until I attended the first PointsU Conference in January of 2016.


[INTERVIEW] ‎President of Marriott Canada – Don Cleary

Today, we feature Don Cleary of Marriott Hotels Canada. Last time, we did an audio interview with Vice President Global Loyalty Thom Kozik (Marriott) that you can find on YouTube.

This time around, I thought I’d go with a written interview instead. Due to a time sensitive schedule, I was unable to request questions from our readers. However, if you do have any questions, please let us know in the comment section and I will forward them directly to Marriott!

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[INTERVIEW] Podcast with Marriott Rewards about the Merger with SPG

Last time around, we ended up doing an email interview with Marriott Rewards. This time around, I managed to have a phone interview instead Senior Vice President David Flueck (Starwood SPG) and Vice President Thom Kozik (Marriott). The purpose of the interview get an update on the recent merger between Marriott and Starwood.


[INTERVIEW] Marriott Questions Answered

Apologise for the delay. We did our best to arrange a time, but due to Michelle Bozoki’s (Vice President of Marketing at Marriott International, Canada) busy schedule, we were unable to interview her over the phone. Instead, she provided us with an email response to the questions so that there would not be a longer delay in getting back to everyone.