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Shop The Block Promotion with Air Miles

Air Miles’ Shop The Block promotion is back!

Air Miles collectors can earn up to 2,000 bonus miles. Below is a breakdown of the promotion:

Shop at participating partners between November 15, 2018 to December 27, 2018.
Earn 300 bonus miles when you use 3 different partner offers
Earn 1,000 bonus miles when you use 5 different partner offers
Earn 2,000 bonus miles when you use 7 different partner offers

AIR MILES Mass Giveaway of Over 7,000 Rewards and Experiences

For one day only, today (September 8, 2018), AIR MILES is having a “Happy Any Day” celebration by showing their appreciation to its 11 million members across Canada by giving away over 5,000 promotions. 

The theme is guerilla-style all—day giveaway events across major Canadian cities. Rewards include: 


Thoughts on Air Miles, New Partners for Shopping Portal

I think that it is safe to say that most of the dust has settled with all the negative publicity with Air Miles. 

Negativity with Air Miles
Air Miles was introducing a hard expiry policy of 5 years after miles were deposited, that was going to be effective on December 31, 2016. What that means is that once your miles are deposited into your account, they will expiry within 5 years regardless of expiry. There was going to be a first-in-first-out rule, whereby the miles you redeem will be the ones that were deposited first.

Earn Bonus AIR MILES When Booking with Travel Hub

The AIR MILES Travel Hub is a hotel booking engine powered by PointsHound, which has an inventory of over 150,000 hotels and all-inclusive resorts around the world.

When booking your hotel stay through Travel Hub, you can earn bonus Air Mile reward miles. There is a current promotion where you can: 
Earn 100 bonus miles after spending $100 or $299
Earn 200 bonus mile after spending $300 or more
The booking needs to be made by September 30, 2017 and the stay must occur before December 31, 2017.

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Comparison of the AMEX Air Miles Reserve and BMO Air Miles World Elite Cards

As requested by one of our readers, we will be comparing the American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card and the BMO AIR MILES World Elite MasterCard. A second question was whether Air Miles is worth a second look considering the upcoming end of the Aeroplan and Air Canada partnership. Feel free to share any other suggestions in the comment section below!

Before we get into the comparison, let’s start with some of the highlights of each card:

American Express Air Miles Reserve Card

AIR MILES Cancels Expiry

Seriously Air Miles? They decided to take a page out of Aeroplan’s book. Remember when Aeroplan introduced a 7 year hard expiry on its points? Basically, your miles would have expired 7 years from the day they were deposited, regardless of activity. But just before the expiry was about to kick in, they backed out. The same thing is happening now with Air Miles, they were going to introduce a hard expiry of 5 years after miles were deposited, to be effective on December 31, 2016.