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[DISCONTINUED] Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Discontinued?

UPDATE- The discontinuation has been confirmed.

I was hoping that this is just a temporary glitch, but all the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa links are broken.

  • https://www.marriottpremier.ca
  • https://www.marriottpremier.ca/?arv=lp8
  • https://www.chase.com/online/canada/canada-home-en.htm

I called Chase Canada customer service to confirm what was going on and they said that they are “no longer offering the Chase Marriott credit card for the moment”. When I asked what she meant by “for the moment”, she said it may or may not come back, but I would need to ask Marriott Rewards to find out.

It may take time to get an official answer from Marriott Canada, as they do not exactly have a direct line. I will try to dig up as much information as possible and get back to everyone.

In the meantime, feel free to share any additional information about the discontinuation of the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa comment section below!


  1. Funny. I called to cancel mine last Sunday. The rep didn’t mention anything, he probably had no idea this was going to happen. He did ask me why I wanted to cancel though. Hah. Glad I snagged the 50,000 points welcome bonus last spring!

  2. I hope this means Marriott decided to go with American express for their credit card! Exciting rumours so far

    1. I use AMEX Plat, but I would rather keep my Chase MR card unless AMEX CANADA is going to go NO FOEX fee.

      I ONLY book Marriott properties that are abroad, and AMEX was killing me at 2.5% when I used to use my plat for booking hotels. I switched 2 years ago to Marriott’s VISA by Chase and all my hotel spend on Marriott only hotels.

      Also SO many places don’t accept AMEX, so having that VISA was great to earn extra MR points too.

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