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Exclusive Canadian SPG Credit Card offer to Chase Marriott Cardholders

You may have seen this offer already, but the official email just came in today. American Express Canada is offering an exclusive Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card to existing Chase Marriott Rewards credit card customers. As you know, the co-branded, grandfathered, Chase Marriott credit card are being terminated on March 15, 2018.

Chase offered a few parting tokens of appreciation, such:

  • No annual fees will be charged to existing accounts as of January 1, 2018. This means that even if you were due to pay the annual fee in 2018, you will essentially have the fee waived.
  • Receive a free night (awarded after March 15, 2018). This means that even if you did not have the credit card for a full year, you will still receive the free night.

The latest offer is is an exclusive 25,000 sign up bonus for the American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card if you apply before April 18, 2018. The email is advertised as follows:

a screenshot of a credit card

I would have preferred the see the first year fee waived instead, especially since the 25,000 sign up bonus offer was already offered over the summer and fall. So this is not anything we have seen before. The reason is says 75,000 Marriott points is that you can convert your Starpoints at a 1:3 ratio, so 25,000 Starpoints can be converted into 75,000 Marriott points.

What is significant to note is that the 2 Starpoints per dollar spent at Marriott Rewards and SPG participating hotels promotion has been extended through to July 31, 2018. Is this a hint that we will not see the full integration of Starpoints and Marriott points before the summer? 

At the very least, if you missed out on the 25,000 offer last year, you have another chance now!

What are your thoughts on this offer? Should they have waived the annual fee instead of increasing the sign up bonus? Please share in the comment section below.


  1. I have churned this card in the past, so I would not eligible unfortunately. I’d love to have the chance to pick up 75,000 Marriott points.

  2. I hope the integration doesn’t happen this summer – rather at the end of 2018!!

    I would appreciate earning 2X points on this card as it’s one of the few bonuses left unlike the US SPG Amex cards that offer better sign up bonuses, lounge access and elite night stay credits.

  3. Never received the email. Is Amex offer exclusive to Chase Marriott credit card holders? Is there a unique code? Any idea on how to get it?

      1. I’m current Chase Marriott credit card holder and I didn’t receive the offer from Amex, so I am not sure if I should be contacting Chase or Amex.

  4. I had the Amex last year, and cancelled it to get the Cobalt. I don’t think that I would be eligible for the sign up bonus again. So if I wanted to sign up i would pay $120 but get nothing.

  5. I am Marriott Chase credit card holder. I did not receive any email of such an offer. It is going in circles- I called CHASE , AMEX and Marriott Rewards customer care and everyone agrees that there is such an offer but they cannot offer it and are saying the other party has to do that..

  6. Total scam. I followed the link which I received in a letter from Chase Marriott Visa and signed up for the card. No telephone number to make the application so youre just hoping that it will go through. Mine was approved in minutes but only with the 20K bonus. They kept me on hold for an hour and then put me through to 3 different countries and they all said that no where on the application does it say that I will receive 25K bonus points. My husband and daughter wee going to apply but I have now advised them against it.

  7. Well I guess i’m not the only one fighting to have the full 25k value of the canadian Marriott rewards visa holders that lost it and applied to the SPG AMEX….Now I filed a formal complaint after having the go around with no answers to why the links bring you to the 25k SPG promo but it isn’t honored..We will see.

    Now for those who had the Visa by Marriott rewards that got cancelled …my year started in October with the card being cancelled march 15th and surprise I got this this morning on my Marriott’s account

    53c Mr Visa Ca Anniv Free Ngt Cat 5
    So i’m glad to have it and it expires in 1 year.

      1. Hi Matt,
        was told that if the free night certificate was not used by august 1st it would be given a points value..Not high season points value for cat.5 but probably something in the low end about 25k

        Now the question i’m trying to ask is that portion of points will they expire on the same date that the certificate does that would be april 25th for me if you book a cat 5-6 or higher that takes more than the voucher value…example book a hotel for 35k MR points in june next summer?

        Also to my fellow friends that applied the SPG amex with the 25k bonus thru the Marriott rewards website..it Is official..I’ve had my first bill and the bonus is only 20k and not the 25k so Marriott Rewards had an invalid link on their Canadian site.

        It’s quite

        1. So all of us who used any link including the one posted here that qualified for the 25k SPG amex promo offer will not have it.Even the link on Marriott rewards Canadian site that had it was not valid and only gave me 20kSPG points.

          Only valid one was thru the email we received from guess who Marriott rewards…So the company that puts in a promo ..advertised it by email and on his Canadian site had an invalid link that amex will not validate…We will have many frustrated and surprised customers in the next month or so.

  8. Also just received my 15 night elite status match that came with the Marriott rewards visa card today in my MR account…the same day that Marriott Rewards made it right and gave me a goodwill bonus of 10k that ends up being the difference between the 20k and 25k promo bonus offer for the application of the SPG amex.

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