[BUS] Greyhound Suspending its Service

Greyhound is a bus service that runs across Canada. They continued their service for as long as they could during the COVID-19 pandemic. But due to a reduction in service, they will be suspending their service, effective May 13, 2020, indefinitely (i.e. until passenger travel demand recovers).

So if you have any upcoming trips, be sure to make necessary alternative arrangements.

Note that there is very little information on their refund process. This is their general refund policy on their website:

  • Not all tickets are refundable. It depends on the type of ticket that was purchased. In almost all cases there is a refundable and non-refundable fare available for the same trip. Non-refundable fares have no refund value. However, tickets can be exchanged for another date and time for a fee of $20. This fee is a Change of Itinerary fee and is assessed at the Termial after presenting your original ticket… 

I suspect this is going to end up being a case by case process, so you will want to call or go to a station as soon as possible to figure out what your options are.


  1. It appears only Greyhound Canada is suspending service. Greyhound US is requiring face masks starting May 13th but is still operating on reduced schedules.

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