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[HOTEL REVIEW] Delta Markham (Markham, Ontario)

As the summer is reaching a slow halt in Ottawa, my friends and I decided that we needed to do something productive, so of course the next best thing surrounding the outskirts of Ottawa (by 451 kilometers to be exact) is our friendly neighbor, a place we call Toronto. Immediately we decided that Wonderland (one day pass can be redeemed for 375 Air Miles) would be our top priority this trip, so we would definitely have to make this an overnight stay.

One of the girls had mentioned that she had previously stayed at Delta Markham (formerly Radisson Hotel Toronto-Markham) and it was a safe choice, so we all agreed on it. Originally browsing through the hotel website and calling the hotel reception itself, we were told that the rooms would cost us $160.00 a night, but fortunately a couple of us insisted on checking a few other quotes first before making a final decision. Luckily in our wonderful group of friends, there will always be one individual who is very ambitious on getting the best travel deals, so consequently, he or she becomes the anchor of this trip and surprisingly enough, we found the rooms pricing at $68.00 a night through Priceline, less than half of what of we were intending to pay.

One of the main things I have a habit of checking once I enter the hotel is the washroom (I mean, that’s where our hygienic duties are done right?) and it was fairly clean. Although I did find the toilet to be sitting too close to the door so that every time I needed to close the door behind me I would find myself squeezing through the little crack between the toilet seat and the door. The rooms were quite standard, king size bed with a single arm chair (please note that this was quite difficult for us to sleep in as we had 4 girls squeezed into one room). At the time of payment, we were promised two queen sized beds per room as stated on Priceline, but this was then withdrawn from us at the time of check-in, and front desk refused to honor it. I was quite disappointed from the customer service, but what can you do. Asides from that, Internet was a little slow often I would find myself falling asleep waiting for one of the pages to load.

The Delta is located in a very commercial area in Markham right by Highway 7 for easy access to the highway and areas in the Markham area. We chose this area because we were intending to go to Pacific Mall and First Markham on our way out of the city, oh and of course, some Asian style grocery shopping; In other words, filling up our trunks with salted chicken, raw veggies and bottles of soy sauce which would last us for the next five years.

All-in-all, I would rate Delta a 3 out of 5 stars. It is pretty clean in the rooms and inside the hotel itself; however, there just wasn’t anything that stuck out to me too much. But for 68$ a night (with service fees and taxes), I’ll definitely be staying here again the next time I’m in the city.

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