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[HOTEL REVIEW] Delta Markham (Markham, Ontario)

As the summer is reaching a slow halt in Ottawa, my friends and I decided that we needed to do something productive, so of course the next best thing surrounding the outskirts of Ottawa (by 451 kilometers to be exact) is our friendly neighbor, a place we call Toronto. Immediately we decided that Wonderland (one day pass can be redeemed for 375 Air Miles) would be our top priority this trip, so we would definitely have to make this an overnight stay.

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[TRAVEL] Earn Loyalty Points or Pay a Lower Price?

There was an article that referred to a survey regarding the hotel and lodging industry. The survey found that a high percentage of customers prefer to find offers and deals to pay a cheaper price for any hotel room rather…

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[HOTEL] Expiry Policies (November 25, 2013)

The question usually is, do we just pay for the cheapest option out there or do we want to bank all our points into one account? Often times, we do not even want to collect hotel loyalty points because of…