[INTERVIEW] Roman Boychuk, Founder and CEO of Rental24H

Today, we are fortunate enough to interview Roman Boychuk, Founder and CEO of Rental24H.com. Rental24H is a global company providing cars for rent 24/7 almost anywhere in the world, but I will let Mr. Boychuk share more with us. Thank you for taking the time to answer your questions! 

Q1: Please tell us about yourself.

Since childhood, I have been fond of computer technology. After the Internet appeared, I became interested in the mechanism of the work of search engines and their interaction with content. Therefore, I started promoting projects online.

Q2. Why did you create Rental24H.com?

I travel a lot and usually rent a car for my trips. One day, when it took me quite a long time to find and compare car rental offers from different companies and to choose the most suitable one, an idea of creating the car rental comparison business flashed into my mind.

Then, I was looking for new interesting opportunities and comparing car rentals around the world has become such an opportunity for me. I had SEO and management experience, so I was sure I could handle it.

Q3: What is Rental24H.com about?

Rental24H.com is a car rental comparison service at various airports and cities of the world.

If you fly somewhere from Canada or your city or are looking for a car rental near you, this service helps to compare the offers of all reliable car rental companies available in this location at once and make an online reservation right away.

Q4: What would you like people to benefit the most from your service?

We want people to get the most useful information before they arrive at the rental point or place an order. Renting a car is a more complicated process and less familiar for tourists than booking a hotel room. Most of the people who book a car for the first time do not understand this and think it is the same as a hotel reservation.

Personally for me, this was also a discovery that there are so many nuances in this process. Therefore, we tried to make a service that would help a person to understand the car rental process better and even to save some money.

Q5: What can we look forward to with Rental24H.com?

You can get great deals on car rental in almost all airports and cities of the world.

Prices are usually better when you book your car in advance. Our website helps to do this. You can also get insurance online, which will also help to save your budget.

Our service helps to book a car in smart way.

Q6: What advice would you give travelers and “Pointshoggers” out there?

Take the car rental seriously and your journey will be wonderful.

Remember to check the amount of deposit in Terms and Conditions. You should have this amount of money on your credit card.

If you are planning to cross the border of the country, read the conditions for crossing the border and to which countries you can go (this is especially important for Europe). Is there an extra charge? How much is it if you cross the border?

If you are renting a car without full insurance, make sure that there are no scratches on the car that were not noted at the rental desk. If you have any doubts, take photos of a rental car during pick-up process.

Q7: Any closing thoughts?

The car is a wonderful opportunity to expand the boundaries of your journey and visit places where it would be difficult to get without a car.

You can get your car rental at any airport in the world with a car rental comparison service.

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