Levels of Credit Cards (updated October 28, 2015)

Pointshogger reader JPT asks: “There seems to be platinum, world elite, infinite, world travel, etc. What are the ‘levels’ in Canadian credit cards, and how useful are they?”

Good question JPT. Each credit card company (American Express, MasterCard and Visa) names their higher level credit cards a little differently. At this point in time, there appears to be so little information documented on this topic, so I thought I would give it a try.

Types of Credit Card Levels

Below is a list of the different levels of each credit card company in Canada.

American Express

MasterCard Visa



World Elite Infinite Privilege
Platinum World





It is worth noting that as we move up the levels of credit cards, expect to have all the perks and benefits of the credit cards below, and then some. In my description below, as I explain one type of credit card to the next, I am primarily focusing on the additional benefits.

American Express

For the Gold card, expect to see a fair amount of insurance protection (especially for travel) and extended warranties.

Onto the Platinum cards, expect to receive some luxury access, like lounge access to hotels and airports. There is also more extensive insurance coverages.

Then there are the Reserve cards that offer concierge service. Concierge service is what really sets apart the top tier credit cards from the rest. Also expect to see more luxury perks.

The Black card is the most secretive card that is by invitation only. No doubt they have the most benefits and perks. It does not appear that MasterCard and Visa has any equivalent in Canada at the moment.


With World cards, you should expect to find some decent travel insurance and warranty protection.

While the World Elite cards offer personally tailored recommendations such as expert staff and concierge service. They offer luxury perks like lounge access, free upgrades and special access to exclusive things.


For Gold cards, expect to see some auto rental insurance, emergency cash, travel protection and emergency services.

In terms of the Platinum cards, they offer mostly the same benefits as gold cards, along with better insurance and extended warranty protection.

For the Infinite cards, they offer higher credit limits and no pre-set spending limit. Also expect to find lounge access, free checked bags for travel cards, essentially a taste of luxury perks.

UPDATE- Thanks to Gurpreet in the comment section below! Note that Infinite cards now have concierge service as well. 

Lastly, the Infinite Privilege cards offer concierge service and other luxury perks like free upgrades.


  1. Interesting post. I’m surprised that Visa doesn’t offer a “Signature” card in Canada (or at least name it that).

  2. From my knowledge, the only bank in the United States that issues Infinite Visa is Los Angeles-based City National Bank – soon to be acquired by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). I am not aware of any bank in the United States that issues the Visa Infinite Privilege card.


  3. I be traveling a lot and my bank always cancel my orders and I have to call back. Which level is best for that situation

  4. I disagree with your Amex vs. Visa leveling. I have a Visa Infinite Privilege (CIBC) and an Amex Platinum, and the Infinite Privilege provides far less benefit than the Amex Platinum, which you’ve ranked lower. Visa Infinites don’t have any perks as far as I know, aside from a bit of insurance, as I got nothing useful from my old Infinite. That being said, I’m also canceling my Infinite Privilege, as the benefits are far worse than Amex Platinum (restricted lounge status, no elite status perks) as far as travel goes.

  5. Visa Infinite Passport from ScotiabaNK. No fee FX exchange. Woo Hoo. My to go travel card now.

  6. ..which would be the best to use if your a frequent traveler and don’t want to worry about having your card locked or canceling my orders

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