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I Like Black Designed Credit Cards

This is more of a fun post about my personal feelings on credit cards with a lot of black in their design. This post is more of a continuation of a post written by Shirley back in September 2015 about the Coolest Looking Credit Cards. I just find black looking credit cards just cooler looking in general.

I was paying for groceries yesterday and I saw a lady in front of me that paid with a Black MasterCard that I have never scene before. It looked like a MasterCard that did not even have any affiliation with any financial institution. I didn’t want to take a closer look as it is probably an invasion of privacy. It really looked something like this:

MasterCard World Elite

Above is essentially just a generic black MasterCard with no sponsoring financial institution. This really piqued my curiousity. I don’t even know if it’s appropriate to ask something where they got that credit card. Any thoughts on that etiquette?

Anyway, coincidentally, I have been cleaning out my personal portfolio and I thought I’d take a quick snap shot of the black credit cards that I have.

Black Credit Cards

Nothing really too impressive about my portfolio. The Capital One Aspire Travel World Elite MasterCard is my primary credit card for most purchases. Personally, I only have enough spending to justify holding one fixed rewards credit card and I am quite happy with this one.

I retain a RBC credit card because of the banking package that I have, in this case the RBC Avion Visa Infinite. I need to use my credit card once every 90 days to keep my chequing account fee waived.

I initially had the CIBC Aerogold Infinite Visa, first year fee waived during its promotion last fall. I was cancelling the credit card, but they convinced me to switch it to the CIBC Aventura Infinite Visa. They told me that they would also waive the fee on that credit card.

Once I received the credit card, as usual, I did not believe them, so while calling in to double check if my first year fee was in fact waived, surely enough the customer service rep told me that it was not. So I ended up cancelling the credit card anyway. Thanks CIBC! All good though, nothing lost really because I was planning to cancel. It did not cost me a new credit check, as it was just a transfer of account anyway. Plus, I always learn something new from every experience.

Which credit card (overall) do you think has the coolest design?


  1. Hi Matthew
    I always appreciate your posts— one of the few travel bloggers with original material.
    BTW, it’s not “peaked” your interest; it’s “piqued” your interest. You’re welcome

  2. Hey! small question regarding the rbc checking fee waived while using the card. »Is that plan still available?

    thanks and love you blogs

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