[LOUNGE] My Experience with LoungeBuddy at The Club at LAS

After attending the Frequent Traveler University a couple weeks ago, we had become familiar with LoungeBuddy, a great mobile application for frequent flyers looking to experience airport lounges.

The Club at Las View
Hanging out with Tyler from LoungeBuddy at Frequent Travel University in Dallas (2015)

Loungebuddy had given us a small credit to use as a gift to check out a lounge when we were on our trip. Since I had a trip booked to Las Vegas in a week, I decided I would use it on my layover there or on the flight back. Since layover was a bit tight in Washington, the credit would be better put to use on the flight back.

The application is quite informative. You can enter your trip itinerary and as you click on each airport, it will tell you where each lounge is located, if you have access to it, and what kind of drinks and refreshments the lounge offers. Unfortunately, Loungebuddy is in process with creating an affiliation with airlines and their lounges, the only one available for the credit to be used was The Club at LAS located in Terminal 3.

As I made my way there, I had pulled up the application with the credit, but had not made a purchase for the lounge pass yet as the pass would only be valid up to one hour of purchase. The front desk were a little confused as they did not know of any credit. The agent originally at the front desk when we had arrived had mentioned she was only there temporarily. After about fifteen minutes or so, another attendant was called and she seemed familiar with the Loungebuddy app. She took our boarding pass, took the confirmation code off our phones, and had assured us that everything was good to go. On a side note, there was a small glitch with my Android phone which kept removing the button to purchase the lounge pass, so in the end, I had to switch my account over to my friend’s iphone to complete the purchase.

Although the beginning process was a bit flustering, the lady was very friendly and directed us straight to the bar. This definitely turned the atmosphere back to positive.

The Club at Las View
The view of the refreshments at The Club at LAS lounge


The Club at Las View
The view from inside The Club at LAS lounge


The Club at Las View
Sitting area in The Club at LAS lounge


The Club at Las View
The bar in The Club at LAS lounge


One of the greatest features I love about the Loungebuddy app is that there is a scan card feature, so when you are paying, all you need to do is place your card in front of the camera and it will scan you credit card information. For an impatient flyer like myself, I love the efficiency of this feature. Also, with all the confusion at the beginning, we didn’t have much time left to enjoy the lounge, so this was a plus. Another feature I enjoy on the Loungebuddy app is that you can add which cards you currently own and Loungebuddy will tell you which lounges you have access to and which ones you do not. You will also be given their hours of operation and what kind of services they offer. This is very informational as it would frustrate me to walk through gates and terminals to arrive at a lounge in which I never had access to.

All in all, there is a lot of potential in the Loungebuddy app. If you do not frequent lounges, you should definitely use the Loungebuddy app to find the lounge which best suits your needs. With intentions to create affiliations across the world, the Loungebuddy app will be your go-to device when looking for places to spend your layover.


  1. Your writing technique could be Improved by using words that provide better context, such as “the agent” or “the lounge supervisor” rather than “the lady.”

    1. Thank you, I should have been more precise. I was not too informed of the situation at the time, the agent at the front desk said she was only there to “watch” over for another person so I was a little confused myself.

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