Merry Christmas! Shopping Tips 2018

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Over the years, Pointshogger has accumulated a wealth of shopping tips:

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Normally, I provided tips ahead of time for Boxing Day sales. But for this year, I am going to provide year-round shopping tips with a step-by-step process.

1) Build a Running List

Keep a running list of items that you plan to buy. The further ahead you plan, the better your chances of catching a sale. The idea is, you want to start monitoring the sale offers as soon as possible.

2) Know Your Prices

Google is your best friend. Google helps us track down blogs, websites, forums, etc. that track the history discounts. This way, you will know when it is actually a good sale.

3) Shopping Portals

I am torn between helping save jobs at physical stores and earning bonus miles and points. Since this is a blog about maximizing rewards, the emphasis goes towards online shopping. The benefit of shopping portal is that you can earn additional bonus miles and points that you cannot earn when shopping in person.

This is where you double dip. Find the discounted price first, then top it up with Shopping Portals.

BONUS: Shopping Portals also offer limited time multiplier bonuses, which ends up being a triple dipping!

4) Choose the right Credit Card

Unless you are using a credit card to meet a minimum spend requirement, it is always best to find the credit card that gives you the best return on that specific spending. So this may also require some planning. If you know that you plan to buy from a certain website ahead of time, be sure to have that credit card ready to go when the time comes (especially if you do not already have the card).

5) Price Match

Get familiar with the terms and conditions of the Price Match offer for the retailers that you are targeting. I like this feature especially if there is a specific store that I want to be loyal to, as long as I price matched, I get to make the purchase at the store I wanted to begin with.

Happy Shopping!

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