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My 2019 Predictions for the Miles and Points World

Back in 2016, I began a new tradition of trying to predict the rewards world. The first year was rough, but it got better (2017, 2016). Let’s see how I did this year and my predictions for the following year.

Recap of 2018

In 2016, I scored 0.5/3. Last year went up to 1.5/3. This year finished with 2/3. Another improvement!

  • New Co-Branded Airline (Frequent Flyer) Credit Card – What a flop that was for me. Seemed like some credit card companies were closing in on a new co-branded card. Either it got delayed or fell apart. Either way, it’s a 0/1 for me.
  • American Express will offer a Marriott Rewards Co-Branded Card – The AMEX SPG card is pretty much the new Marriott card. But they left the SPG name on it, even though you are earning Marriott points. Either way, I am going to give myself the full point 1/2.
  • More Credit Cards that Waive Foreign Transaction Fees – Looks like a few companies decided to step up, namely the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card. Along with those new Brim MasterCards. There is definitely more competition in the market now. Full point again 2/3.

Predictions for 2019

Let’s try again this year!

1) New Revolutionary Card

This may sound dramatic, but I feel that recent examples like the American Express Cobalt and the Scotiabank Passport have proven to me that credit card companies are willing to think outside of the box. Personally, I believe that both cards are a success story, which leads me to believe that someone else may want to step up as well.

2) New Co-branded Airline or Hotel card

I know I made this prediction last year and it may seem like a wish list item, but I do believe that credit card companies are constantly in talks with frequent flyer and hotel chains to see if they can team up. So it is only a matter of time on when this will occur.

3) One of the Canadian Airlines is going to make a bold move

With Air Canada / Aeroplan being fully integrated in June 2020, I think that at least one of the other major Canadian Airlines is going to make a splash to try to compete. Otherwise, Air Canada will end up having an even larger monopoly in Canada, which I do not see happening.


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