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beVancouver is a website meant to provide discounts and promotions on hotels and events happening around Vancouver with intent to achieve growth, prosperity and value in the city. It is partners with 35 hotels located in the heart of Vancouver priced at unbeatable rates for travellers coming into the city.

In order to begin receiving benefits, you will need to sign up. You can then begin by plugging the dates, number of adults and then put in some filter options for the cost and rating of the hotel. This way you can weed out all the results you would not consider in the first place.

Once you have decided on a hotel, you can click into it too view some photos of the premises and read descriptions of it. Under the name, you can easily confirm that it is a 3 star hotel earning 200 likes from travellers who have stayed there previously.

bevancouver (2)

If you scroll down to the bottom, you will notice that there is a Select Your Rate option.

bevancouver (9)

To find out what each of these rates mean, we can hover over each option and read the description. I will hover over the Amazon Gift Card option.

bevancouver (3)

If we select this rate, we can expect to receive an Amazon Gift Card with our reservation. The gift cards starts at $20 a piece and continues to increase as you spend more on your booking. Now I will hover over the Getaway Package.

bevancouver (4)

This is what the Getaway Package option gives us a free $25 Amazon Gift Card, free WiFi, Free Parking and Free Room Upgrade. This is pretty sweet. I will click on this option.

bevancouver (5)

With this option, these are the room types that we are offered with. We will click on the Standard Queen room option.

bevancouver (6)

The next page will confirm that we are indeed receiving the Getaway Package.

bevancouver (7)

beVancouver is also offering a Pick a Perk promotion in which you can choose the type of rewards you wish to earn and you can earn up to $125 in rewards!

bevancouver (8)

beVancouver will also be implementing a Points and Rewards program in which they will launch in a few weeks. It seems that each time you use the site to book an accommodation you will be able to earn points and use them for complimentary stays.

One of the benefits with booking at beVancouver is that you can add up the value of multiple bookings in order to redeem your rewards. You can also book based on the exclusive deals they have during the time of your stay. This could include free parking or a free bottle of wine when you book with that particular hotel during the specified dates.

The bottom line. beVancouver works to create low room rates while offering other incentives for your stay in the city. It is not often that you would receive gift cards while staying at a hotel, with its monetary value increasing the more you spend. Creating value for travellers will in return create a positive experience for first time visitors to Vancouver.

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