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[PROMOTION] Air Canada: Earn Your Wings

Starting today (September 9, 2019) until November 29, 2019, Air Canada is once again running it’s Earn Your Wings campaign. This is where Air Canada Altitude members can participate in a number of travel-related challenges in order to earn Wings and Badges that translate into bonus Aeroplan miles.


Air Canada Renews Partnership with American Express

Air Canada and American Express Canada have come to a new agreement to renew and expand their partnership. The plan is for American Express to continue beyond 2020 when Air Canada launches their new loyalty program, as this is a new 10-year deal. 

If you read the news release closely there are some hints to some positive news.


Air Canada Completes Acquisition of Aeroplan

It’s official. Aimia (owner of Aeroplan) is now sold to Air Canada for approximately $497 million (Press releases: Air Canada, Aimia).

Deep down inside, I had still hoped that the deal would fall through, because I was excited for all the initiatives that Aeroplan was planning in my interview with their CEO, for life after Air Canada. I really wanted to see Aeroplan compete with Air Canada, as competition is usually a positive for consumers.


Air Canada Enters Next Stages of Acquiring Aeroplan

As you probably hear already, Air Canada moved closer to buying out Aeroplan for $450 million. 

I was still holding out hope that this deal would fall through. I was really hoping to see what would happen with Aeroplan’s initiatives, especially with Porter Airlines. Guess it will essentially be business as usual with Aeroplan sticking to Air Canada. 


Rundown of the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge (updated September 20, 2018)

In celebration of the new Maple Leaf Lounge at Saskatoon’s John G. Diefenbaker International Airport (YXE), I thought it would be appropriate to update this post.

There are many different ways to access the lounge.

Air Canada Request for Proposal for Credit Card Partner

Air Canada has sent out a request for proposal to offer a co-branded credit card (new reports from CBC and Financial Post). Since announcing that they will be discontinuing their partnership with Aeroplan, steps will be taken by both companies to move on from each other.

Most of the news has surrounded around Aeroplan, regarding who they will team up with next, what to do with Aeroplan miles, etc. Air Canada has remained relatively quiet until now. We know that they plan on launching their own loyalty program and they will need to team up with at least one credit card company to offer a co-branded credit card to make their program more valuable.


Thoughts on the Aeroplan and Air Canada Breakup

Based on the wording from an Aeroplan news release, it may seem like the the door is left open for them to renew their contract. I mean, there is still 3 years to go before it expires. So for the time being, it is business as usual for Aeroplan members.

From Air Canada’s perspective, they seem more firm that their plan is to launch its own loyalty program.