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Top Ways to Earn Miles and Points Without Travelling and Credit Card Spending

How often have you heard someone say, I do not collect miles or points because “I do not travel enough” or “I do not spend enough on my credit card”.

There are many different ways to earn miles and points without travelling much and being a big spender. Today, I will list these alternative top 5 ways to earn miles or points.


Another Shift in the Miles and Points Industry

As we wind down a strong credit card sign up bonus year, there may be a possible shift in the industry.

Avery from DCTA recently wrote a post about How Ontario’s New Law Could Ruin it All, along with my post Ban on Expiry of Loyalty Miles and Points Has Passed in Ontario. I think it’s safe to say that we are both worried about devaluations coming down hard. Which means that we may need to change up our strategy again.