Mileage Manager


How I Manage all My different Loyalty Accounts (updated January 30, 2020)

A frequent question that I get is how do I track all my loyalty programs, because it is too much work to remember so many passwords. Very true, because I need to log into some 40+ accounts. My short answer has always been AwardWallet. The next question is how do I fit all these loyalty cards in my wallet? Do I walk around with more than 1 wallet? Short answer to that is Stocard. 

Rate Yourself – 10 Signs that you are Miles and Points Junkie

Everyone has their own version of the top 10 signs that you are truly into miles and points, so today, I will write up my own version.

Instead of a top 10, I am just going to list 10 signs in arbitrary order. The reason I rather not rank is because every person puts a different emphasis on each factor, depending on their preferences. However, you still need to have some of each to prove that you are truly into the points game!