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How I Manage all My different Loyalty Accounts (updated January 30, 2020)

A frequent question that I get is how do I track all my loyalty programs, because it is too much work to remember so many passwords. Very true, because I need to log into some 40+ accounts. My short answer has always been AwardWallet. The next question is how do I fit all these loyalty cards in my wallet? Do I walk around with more than 1 wallet? Short answer to that is Stocard. 


How I Manage all My different Loyalty Accounts (updated April 23, 2018)

I cannot believe that it has been almost 5 years since I last wrote an update on this post. I am frequently asked how I track all my loyalty programs at the same time, because it seems like “so much work”. I agree, if a person is not organized, it is definitely a lot of work and may not feel worth it to sign up for many programs.

Luckily, there are websites and Apps out there that make life a lot easier. But I will discuss the elephant in the room first before getting into these programs. The primary concern of using third party sites to track loyalty programs is security.

Rate Yourself – 10 Signs that you are Miles and Points Junkie

Everyone has their own version of the top 10 signs that you are truly into miles and points, so today, I will write up my own version.

Instead of a top 10, I am just going to list 10 signs in arbitrary order. The reason I rather not rank is because every person puts a different emphasis on each factor, depending on their preferences. However, you still need to have some of each to prove that you are truly into the points game!

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Apps that I Use to Keep Track of My Loyalty Programs

I am very frequently asked how do I keep track of all my loyalty programs. I actually have a very simple answer.

Award Wallet

After all this time, I only really been using AwardWallet. It has already been 3 years since I have use this program and it has served me well. They have made a few nice upgrades to the format and layout to make it more user-friendly.


Reasons To Diversify Our Miles and Points Portfolio

I have previously written a post about The Importance of Diversification, but I feel that I am due for an update on this discussion. The temptation is to pool all our miles and points into one program, especially if we do not have many means to earn a lot of points and the desire to accumulate more miles or points into one program so that we can have a more decent reward redemption.

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[AIRLINE] Which Airline Points to Collect?

It has been well-documented that people have trouble redeeming their Aeroplan points and getting a fair value. I wrote a post about how to maximize your Aeroplan points. In terms of Aeroplan, the bottom line is that you need to redeem your points on Star Alliance partners to get more value out of your points. If you do not fly internationally often enough or you do not fly to the destinations of any of the partnered airlines, then maybe Air Canada is not your best bet.

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The Importance of Diversification

One strategy that many have implemented is to pool all their points into one loyalty program so that they have more points to redeem for something more significant. In today’s post, I will discuss the pros and cons of having fewer loyalty programs versus many programs.

How to Manage all your different Loyalty Accounts? (updated December 7, 2013)

How to Manage all your different Loyalty Accounts? (updated December 7, 2013)

With all the different types of loyalty programs out there, it can be difficult to track all your points at the same time. Lucky, there are free third party websites (a.k.a. mileage manager) that help us consolidate and track our balances into one place. In short, you log into one account and all your programs show up on one screen.

The most commonly used ones are AwardWallet, Using Miles and Tripit.