United Airlines (MileagePlus)

Rundown of United Airlines’ MileagePlus for Canadians (updated December 28, 2016)

I recently tried to redeem my Aeroplan miles for a United Airlines flight; however, there was no availability. But when I logged into MileagePlus, I saw the award flight available. Unfortunately, that means that the reward seat has not been released to Aeroplan yet. As we get closer to the date, if that award availability is not booked, then it will probably be send to Star Alliance partners, including Aeroplan.

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Aeroplan Reward Flight Review from Ottawa (YOW) to Amsterdam (AMS)

People always wonder if Aeroplan miles are worth it. What can we do with them? Today, I am going to share one of my reward redemptions with you. Recently, my wife and I took a trip from Ottawa, Canada (YOW) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) on an Aeroplan fixed rate reward flight. After coming back from the trip, I would like to share my reward redemption experience with you, as it took an interesting turn along the way.


Rundown of United Airlines’ MileagePlus for Canadians (updated March 19, 2016)

Though United Airlines may not be best known for its elite program, they do hold a lot of value in terms of rewards redemptions. Unfortunately for Canadians, there is no co-branded credit card that allows us to earn United Airline’s MileagePlus miles. There is no Canadians transferable points program either.

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[TRAVEL] Aeroplan Reward Flight Review Between Ottawa (YOW) and Tokyo (NRT)

I cannot believe that this happened to me again. On my way to the Tokyo Narita Airport, the train got delayed again. Unlike the Air Transat experience, this experience turned out differently. I do understand that it really wasn’t Air…

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[ANALYSIS] Thrifty Blue Chip Rewards

It is always important to diverse our points portfolio in order to maximize our rewards. Depending on what our purchases are, we can choose the preferred loyalty program to maximize our possible earnings. Let’s put our focus on those who prefer to travel by car; many car rental companies have their own loyalty program, so you are not losing out on possible rewards.